Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hello everyone!
We had a very long day today. We landed in Merida last night and arrive at our houses in Merida at a little after 1:00am. To clarify for all parents, we are staying in Merida this week, not Xpujil. Link and I are staying in one house, Joe and Josiah in another, and all the girls in a third. This is a large project with over 20 total people on board. We woke up bright and early and put in about 6 hours of clinical work today. After clinic, we went to a town square in Merida to see local dancers. Tomorrow we are starting bright and early and will be off to a new clinical site at 7:30am.


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  1. Merida is a wonderful colonial city. Enjoy! You are also very close to sights where you can swim with the Whale Sharks! Isla Holbox is the place. It is out of this world. Enjoy! y...Buena Suerte!